SF Small Business Week

Save The Date for San Francisco Small Business Week 2013 – May 13 – 18, 2013.

A message from San Francisco Small Business Week.

San Francisco is a world-class city. One reason it is called this is because of the natural beauty that we find all around us and just across our bridges. But, it’s also considered a world-class city because of our unique and vibrant neighborhoods and the merchants that make them places we all want to revisit time and time again. The businesses that shape our communities range from iconic, family-owned businesses with roots in the gold rush to diverse, new start-ups determined to change the world with their innovative products and artisanal creations.

Thank you to all of our small businesses who make San Francisco a world-class city!

But who helps our small business community stay vibrant? You may not know this, but San Francisco’s network of behind-the-scenes nonprofits, community groups and city agencies is also world-class. They provide inspiration, education and access to funding to allow so many of our creative citizens to be successful when they start and grow their small business. We may all take having access to an Office of Small Business for granted, but very few cities have one.

The secret to San Francisco’s Small Business success is the world-class network of organizations dedicated to the success of San Francisco small businesses.

Real leadership and community input has led to unique programs and collaborations that just don’t exist anywhere else. Take sf.citi, for example, an organization that leverages the power of the tech community to form new ideas to make San Francisco a better place to do business. The San Francisco Economic Development Alliance is a hard-working collaboration of nonprofit organizations focused on strengthening and coordinating support for small and micro businesses. This type of collaboration does not exist in most other cities.

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