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2013 NEWS

*December 10, 2013: VEDC was featured in Businessweek for a new $20 million fund to lend to small businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut – “Low-Cost Loans for Small Businesses Turned Down by Banks.”

*October 19, 2013: Valley Small Business received a $300,000 grant to fund their Technical Resource and Assistance Center (TRAC) that will provide business and credit assistance to small business owners in the Fresno and Central Valley region.

*July 31, 2013, ALBA was feature on NPR in a story about their program of helping people become farmers and their own boss.

*June 6, 2013, El Pajaro’s Community Kitchen is open for business. Listen to the report on their local NPR station – Kitchen Incubator Looks to Create Jobs.

*March 15, 2013, Opportunity Fund is features in The Washington Post about their micro-savings program.

*March 5, 2013, Check out all the Central Coast CAMEO members in the Santa Cruz Sentinel article: “Micro-enterprise urged as answer to Watsonville economic woes.”

*January 2013, Entrepreneur explains Opportunity Fund’s new EasyPay service service in which borrowers pay back their loan from sales.

2012 NEWS

*November 14, 2012, The San Francisco Chronicle features AnewAmerica’s efforts to help low-income immigrants create their own jobs.

*October 14, 2012, The Los Angeles Times writes about “A big breakthrough in tiny loans” something CAMEO member Opportunity Fund has be doing for quite some time.

*October 12, 2012, The Sacramento Business Journal writes about how nonprofits fill ‘microloan’ gap. In Sacramento that means Opening Doors and SEDCorp.

*October 11, 2012, The announcement of California Capital’s new Women’s Business Center is in The Sacramento Bee.

*August 19, 2012, The Los Angeles Times profiles Ron Fong, director of the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program.

*July 30, 2012, Sacramento Bee’s Claudia Buck, MoneyWork$ on Opening Doors’ Microloan program.

*July 19, 2012, Channel 13 News, on Opening Doors’ new Microloan program.

*July 18, 2012, Sacramento Bee, on Opening Doors’ Microloan program.

*July 5, 2012, Good Magazine is one of the outlets that talks about Valley Economic Development Corporation’s (VEDC) KivaLA partnership.

*June 29, 2012, Sacramento Business Journal: Opening Doors Inc. got $300,000 through the Small Business Administration to pay for microloans for small businesses.

*June 18, 2012, The San Diego Union Tribune features a Q&A with Elizabeth Schott, the Executive Director of ACCION San Diego on small business lending.

*June 15, 2012, Colleen Seto from Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program is quoted in an LA Times story about immigrant-owned businesses in California (33%).

*May 7, 2012, Superior California Economic Development (SCED) will use state Community Development Block Grant funds to provide businesses assistance (writing business plans, loan packaging) in Anderson and Shasta Lake.

*May 7, 2012, The Central Valley Business Incubator-Small Business Development Center (CVBI-SBDC) was awarded the 2012 California SBDC Excellence and Innovation Award.

*April 24, 2012, 7Live interviewed Nicole Levine of Women’s Initiative about clients who offer unique gifts for Mother’s Day.

*April 6, 2012, NBC Nightly News featured Women’s Initiative and their client Bakesale Betty!

*February 29, 2012, Fox News Latino has a nice shout out to Eduardo Figueroa and Hispanic Business Consultants and how latino businesses are growing.

*The Central Coast SBDC, directed by Teresa Thomae, helped generate the most volume of loans in Northern California, according the San Jose Mercury News

*The SF Weekly named Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center the “Best School 2011.”

*January 25, 2012, Working Solutions is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle article “S.F. Mayor Ed Lee seeks $1 million loan fund” because guess who will send out the city’s money? If you guessed WS, you win a gold star.

*January 5, 2012, the Fresno Business Journal writes, “The Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission will open its own credit union to take a bite out of costly payday loans while offering a full line of reasonably priced credit services to area residents.”

2011 NEWS

*December 15, 2011, San Diego Union Tribune, CAMEO’s newest member – IRC – in the news with successful client who employes three and looking for two more in his trucking company.

*October 21, 2011, San Diego Union Tribune, Which banks are most small-business friendly? open their boutique.

*October 5, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle, MEDA helps the Kumars open their boutique.

*October 3, 2011, CBS-5 News, San Francisco, Opportunity Fund CEO Eric Weaver discusses Starbucks’ new “Create Jobs for USA” initiative and microloans.

*September 12, 2011, Ask Lady Brain Radio Interview: Anita Dharapuram (CEO Women)

*September 2011, Ventura County Reporter compiles a Best of list – Look for the following WEV clients!

  • Best Gourmet Store & Best Wine Tasting – 1st Place, Paradise Pantry
  • Best Dance Instructor & Best Dance Studio – 1st Place, Louise Bretz of Connexions Dance Studio
  • Best Adult Store – 3rd Place, Kama Sutra Closet
  • Best Accountant/Tax Preparer – 1st Place, Danielle Brinkman of Brinkman and Company
  • Best Dessert – 3rd Place, Petite Reve Cafe

*September 2011, More Magazine, Julie Abrams, C.E.O. of Women’s Initiative, is featured in this national monthly.

*August 16, 2011, INC. Magazine: Microloans 101

*August 14, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle: Caleb Zigas, Executive Director of La Cocina, liked to cook and serve.

*August 5, 2011, Fresno CDFI received $1 million from SBA’s Intermediary Loan Pilot Program (ILP). This, along with the $600,000 grant received from Treasury, will provide a great boost to the CDFI’s lending ability.

*July 2011, MOSO Magazine, page 16: Sweet Treats, an Accion San Diego and CDC Small Business Finance client, is featured in this new magazine devoted to Micro.

*According to the U.S. Microenterprise Census, conducted in 2009 by FIELD at the Aspen Institute, three CAMEO members made the top 10 microlenders by volume. Congrats to Accion San Diego, Opportunity Fund and Women’s Initiative.

*July 8, 2011, Bay Area Desi, Meet Your Neighbor: Farhana Huq

*July 8, 2011, CBS-Sacramento features Farmer Veterans Coalition (you might want to fast forward about 1:30)

*June 27, 2011, Oakland North, Ignite! Expo Helps Oakland Business Owners Make Connections

*June 19, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
La Cocina and Urban Solutions team up for Fillmore Mobile Food Vendor and Artisan Marketplace Program.

*June 20, 2011,, Muslim Women Get Ready for Business

*June 16, 2011, SFWeekly
Former La Cocina board member won $30,000 for the kitchen incubator on Top Chef Masters.

*May 25, 2011, The Huffington Post
The New Face of Microfinance: Simonida CvejicRenaissance Grad and Opportunity Fund

We help people overcome barriers to employment — …. We provide them with the skills they need to enter the healthcare field and start a career that would provide them a chance to improve their economic status. We give them a second chance.

*February, 3 2011 AJPress
“NAAC opens office in San Bruno”

The National Asian American Coalition (NAAC), formerly known as Mabuhay Alliance, recently held the grand opening of its new headquarters in San Bruno, California.

NAAC President & CEO Faith Bautista, NAAC Counsel Bob Gnaizda, and staff from different NAAC offices greeted guests and representatives from top corporations who attended the Friday celebration, which also featured an art auction of about 50 pieces donated by Chase from its Washington Mutual collection.

*January 28, 2011,
Farmworkers are climbing up the organic food chain
ALBA helps Rigoberto Bucio and Maria Catalan, two Salinas residents who defy stereotypes.

The Salinas Valley produces a lot of cool-season, high-value crops like strawberries, and these attract a largely low-skilled and low-paid labor force. Over a quarter of the population of the surrounding county works in agriculture or processing, but the area itself is a food desert — food is shipped out as soon as it is picked or processed, and is often too expensive for the people who work farming it.


CAMEO members promote economic opportunity and community well being through Micro Enterprise Development!

Opportunity Fund – “Microfinance”, Beyond the Headlines, ABC-7, June 6, 2010

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